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Trends in digital marketing in 2021

In order to create the right marketing strategy for your business this year, it’s important to be aware of everything that is coming ahead in 2021 and in long-term

The challenges of 2020 have surpassed even the bravest prognosis for the development of digital marketing. The fast changes have forced the business owners to turn digital a big part of their business and communication with customers. If anyone has had any doubts about whether there is a need of active support and development of online channels, then the past year proved more than ever that the future is in the digital space.

Every business striving to be competitive and maintain its positions on the market, cannot afford to overlook these trends.

In the following lines we will reveal some trends, which have already gained serious speed, because the tools and statistics behind them have shown unequivocal results, as future changes, which you can expect in 2021.

#1 Digitalization become a fundamental part on the business.

After everything that happened in 2020 because of COVID-19, the digitalization has become one of the ground layers for businesses. Digital space allows customers to find the brand at any time of the day and to instantly learn information along with the latest offers. The main prognosis of the experts for 2021 include even faster feedback and the ability the customers to communicate with the brand through all channels, as well as optimized customer experience.

#2 Reaching out to customers at home

It has been proven that a person doesn’t hold his attention for more than 3 seconds on something that doesn’t catch his attention. In 2020 has significantly increased the share of people who spend most of their time at home. Because of the closure of many retail shops and the transfer of shopping almost entirely in online environment, the competition for attention between the brands has increased. This is due to the fact that the decision of the customers is based on how companies manage their digital presence. Therefore, the correct positioning of a product or service plays an important role on attracting and retaining clients.

Easy access in the key –the communication and the sale process has to be fast and without a trouble. The majority of the consumers make decisions for purchase after preliminary research such as reading comments and reviews for the products and buy less and less impulsively. So when you present your product or service make sure that it describe the benefits of the current situation and lifestyle.

#3 Customization of business relation with clients

Personal approach to each client is gaining more and more weight. And if so far only small and medium-sized companies have relied on this approach, then recently the trend in the business space has been on “mass personalization” even in the large companies. With the help of big amount of data that every business has for its customers, it is much easier to build a strategy that is tailor-made for every single customer, presents what he/she wants to see at the time and to be completely individual according to his/her needs and requirements.

The valuable knowledge of the digital marketing specialists can contribute to this with carefully selected techniques and well-coordinated approach your business can significantly increase its online sales. 2021 will put pressure on the organizations to increase the budgets invested in digital marketing to strengthen their positions and to be competitive.

#4 Broadcasting Live events

The changes on social events such as concerts, exhibitions, seminars and business meeting have led these industries to offer entirely new interactive approach to increase public engagement so that everyone can become a part of the experience in the comfort of their own home.

Live streaming features on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram proved their importance as business have shown that even in pandemic, customers continue to come first – with consultation with experts, pleasant performances and showing the work “behind the scenes” presented a new point of view and contributing to the positive image of businesses in different industries. Besides video events, the audio communication also have strengthened its positions – in 2020 37% of people in USA have listened at least one Podcast a mount. Of course this trend varies according to the territory, in which it’s spread, but businesses must take into consideration the increased interest in this format, especially on the side of the younger generation. The possibilities are practically unlimited because every company can present interesting topic that will engage the listeners.

#5 Working with micro influencers will play an important role

Usually micro influencers are defined as a group that has 1,000 to 10,000 followers. Unlike to the big mega stars, they reach out to narrower segmented audience, which allows better positioning of services and brand products. In 2019 the influencer marketing was valued as an industry, which has generated 8 billion dollars globally. The trend is the amount to increase up to 15 billion dollars by the end of 2022. More and more marketers realize the importance of influencers, which has smaller audience and offer their clients this kind of collaboration.

The reason is that micro influencers prefer to present high-quality social content, and the loyalty and evaluation of their followers are higher because it relies on personal and honest judgment, and that enhances the successful delivery of the key messages of the businesses. Of course, the growth of micro-channels is nor excluded, but when a brand has stable relationship with the audience, it accumulates permanent positions and strengthens its relations with customers.

#6 Content filled with positive energy

According to a study by the American Psychological Association, Generation Z shows visible increase in mental health problems compared to previous years. The change in the overall perception on the surrounding environment undoubtedly affects their mental state. Times are drastically changing and now more than ever is recommended for businesses to serve fun content, which provoke positive emotions in the consumers.

Presenting any prediction in practice has turn into bold and almost adventurous. To ensure that you have achieved the maximum results, make sure you have the best marketing solutions, which meets the latest trends in the field and are fully tailored to the needs of your business.